Break with traditional Advertising

Imagine if your Traditional Outdoor giant Bill Board was in motion.....on a dedicated 40ft Truck ?


Your message will be going to the heart of your target markets where people will see your advertisement daily on a unique and hard to miss "Giant Mobile Billboard" on the Sides and Backs of a 40ft Truck towering over the surrounding vehicles, your advert will be hard to miss.


Your message would be accessing your targeted customers in areas where bill boards are limited, unavailableor restricted, such as vicinity of Major Social Congregation areas eg Games and Sports areas, Major Churches, Shopping Malls, Heavy Tra­c areas, City Center etc.


Instead of driving past billboards, the target customers drive alongside the Giant Mobile Billboard and will not only notice it but will also remember it.      

Visibility Guaranteed

Why Choose Us?

Visibility Guaranteed

This is the most effective modern days advertising method that has been proven to produce results.


We believe that every brand or product shall not live on advertisement alone but on a powerful and effective Mobile adverisement so as to live to its purpose, at Truckside Advertising we understand this..


We have developed simple, affordable and flexible Truck Side advertising packages that suits your needs whether big or small.

   Getting Started.....

Getting Started is easy, Simply follow the steps below;

  • Create an advertising account with us
  • Design your advert or Contact our design team for guidance
  • Post your advert Design
  • Make payment (Via .VISA| MPESA | PAY PAL| CREDIT/DEBIT CARD)
  • .....and Bingo !, depending on the package you'll have chosen , our advertising team will have your advert on the truck and trigger your brand on motion.